It is situated in the heart of surroundings that can only define the serendipity possessed by a temple, the Kote Vardharaj Swami Temple is an astounding place of worship.The temple is located in Kollegal, Karnataka amidst the scenic backdrop of nature and the holy waters of Cauvery. The shrine is adorned by Sri Varadhajar and Perundevi Thayar, and is known as Sathyagalam.The temple is located roughly 130 Kilometers southwest of Bangalore and is suitably connected by road.




Swami Desikan, considered to be a lion amongst the Acharyas, came to be known as Kabitarkika Simha. His contributions towards the Hindu dharma and especially the Srivaishnava community has granted him the privilege to be placed next only to the great Sri Ramanuja. Swami Desikan is considered responsible to lay the foundation of the Vasishtaadwaita philosophy, which was further articulated by Ramanuja. Kottai Varadharajar and his spouse Vardha Vallabha Thayar are deities of great significance for Swami Desikan. Vardha Vallabha Thayar was also known as Perundevi Thayar. Legends states that the idols of both the gods descended on their own to Sathyagalam. They were deemed to be ‘Swayam Vyaktam’. They unveiled themselves to Swami Desikan . During the 13th Century AD, Srirangam city was laid under the siege by the Mughals. Malik Kafur, the Millitary General of Allauddin Khilji, Sultan of Delhi, Led the undertaking. Srirangam sadly became a hotspot for attacks from the northwestern region of India as the end of 13th Century neared, and the 14th Century commenced,forcing people to leave their beloved hometown, Srirangam. Out of several, one of those who couldn’t decamp was Sudharshana Bhattar, the renowned author of the prolific commentary on Ramanuja’s famous ‘Sri Bashyam’. The book was named ‘Shrutha Prakashike’. However, even during the heat of the moment, he acted wisely and vested the book as well as two young children safely in the custody of Swami Desikan. Swami Desikan believed that it was the will of the Gods, and embarked for a safe place away from Srirangam himself. Traveling along the course of river Cauvery, he reached Sathyagalam and decided the location to be apt for his practices of meditation and spiritual wisdom.



Swami Desikan settled at Sathyagalam and immediatedly began practicing his penance in the form of Aradhanam (Meditation), writing and Kalahsepams (A form of story telling) on Sri Bhashyam. It is to be noted that Swami had the unique quality of providing Kalakshepam on Sri Bhashyam over 30 times , a feat matched by none ever since. He is said to have written numerous books and the one with which Swamiji is frequently associated with is Abhitishava. It is said that one can ward off all types of fear by reciting the Abhitishava. While in Sathyagalam, Swami Desikan had picked a spot on the banks of a river for his daily penance under a peepal tree. The spot has been revered by several generations of individuals that respect the tree as Swami Desikan’s spiritual seat, where Swamiji composed several literary compositions.